New Aquisitions

A few bits and pieces have been acquired this week.  First up were a few comics from eBay. All quality stuff at roughly £1 each.

  • Green Lantern #1
  • Submariner: The Depths #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #543
  • Walking Dead #65

  • Invincible Iron Man #84
  • Invincible Iron Man #99
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey #4
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey #5

  • Logan’s Run #2
  • Logan’s Run #3
  • Logan’s Run #4
  • Battlestar Galactica #2

Now we have a couple more Lego Minifigs to add to the horde. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley both in their Gryffindor uniforms with star cloaks.

The Gachapon Gods also provided for me in exchange for a shiny coin. Starscream emerged from his shell to take his place on the hidden shelf in the wardrobe where his kind preside.

Finally I added another British campaign medal to my collection. This is a 1939-45 Star which was awarded to anyone who completed 6 months service overseas between 03/09/39 and 02/09/45.  This is quite a common medal to find due to the wide scope of its award but this one is original and in excellent condition.

Well, that is it for the moment but more stuff is due in soon.

Collecting Used Envelopes

Stamp collecting is the Granddaddy of collecting and within the stamp collecting universe, there are lots of sub-categories. One of these is postally used envelopes, or covers as they are known in stamp fan circles.  There are, of course, different types of covers that are collected.  First Day covers are envelopes that are often specially produced with artwork on and are to used in conjunction with a new issue of stamps. The new stamps are stuck onto the envelope and then posted with the postmark showing the correct day of release.

Other specially designed artwork covers are also used to commemorate special events or occasions and may have unique postmarks to cancel the stamps as well. However, I prefer regular use envelopes that have been used for posting normal stuff like letters or bills. I do try to look for something a bit unusual though. It may be a slogan postmark or posted from an unusual place or posted to a famous person. Here are some from my collection:

  • Posted in 1919 from Ohio, USA to the Pope in the Vatican.

  • From 1930, A nicely printed cover from a Dairy in Wisconsin.

  • Dated 1941 from California to Scotland and opened by the Censor and resealed.

  • A Commemorative cover from US Navy Operation Deep Freeze. Posted in Antarctica in 1956.

  • This cover was posted in 1928 onboard the S.S. Aquitania, hence the ships mark on the cover.

  • Posted in 1909, a black edged ‘mourning’ cover which were used to announce a death or to send letters of sympathy.

Walking Dead Issue #1 sells on eBay for £127

A 2003 first issue of the very popular Zombie comic ‘The Walking Dead’ has just sold on eBay for £127 plus postage.  I am a big fan but did not start buying it until issue #20. I had my eye on this copy as it had a starting price of £10 but the bids piled in quite quickly and it ended well out of my price range. I am sure this is still a good investment for the winner even though it may never reach the dizzy heights of  the Batman and Superman comics that topped $1M recently, I am sure this is going to increase in value especially if the rumoured TV series comes to fruition.

If anybody is interested, I have a copy of issue #70 I am willing to sell for £127 as well.